College of Professional Studies

College of Professional Studies

Our faculty members do more than teach.

The College of Professional Studies prepares students to become leaders in their careers and in their communities. Our engaging learning environment encourages students to become self-motivated learners who can think analytically, locate resources, solve problems creatively, and master essential technical skills.

We attract career-minded students who are eager to learn skills that are most critical to launching or advancing their professional lives, and our diverse learning community welcomes both traditional and non-traditional students. NJCU’s urban location is an integral part of the student experience, and is the perfect setting for educating students who will thrive in the modern workplace.

Our faculty and advisors are passionate about helping students achieve their academic and professional goals. They are experts in their disciplines and bring decades of experience into the classroom. Our faculty members do more than teach—they offer relevant, collaborative learning opportunities that translate to career success. 

Our curriculum combines a liberal arts education with professional training, and theoretical foundations with real-world applications. It’s an approach that produces well-trained professionals who are also thoughtful, reflective and intellectually sharp. 

We offer bachelor’s and master’s programs in criminal justice, health sciences, and professional security, as well as bachelor’s programs in nursing and fire science. We also offer a Doctor of Science in Civil Security Leadership, Management and Policy.

There has never been a better time to make that first step toward a career you love. Contact us today!

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