NJCU Counseling Grad Students Embark on Visit to Japan

NJCU Counseling Grad Students Embark on Visit to Japan

As part of a Multicultural Counseling course, eight counseling graduate students will travel to Japan with Drs. Jean Georgiou and Yumiko Ogawa for a cultural immersion experience from June 6-17.  This cultural immersion training component will  provide the students with opportunities to directly engage with those from a cultural different from their own.  The students will have a 3-day interaction experience with the graduate students from the psychology department at Sizuoka University. In addition, they will teach English to students at a local elementary school, visit the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, and visit a group home in order to learn more about the current issues in the mental health field in Japan.  

NJCU’s Counseling program trains culturally competent, caring counselors who serve a diverse, multilingual urban community. Professional counselors empower individuals and families to resolve personal, educational, career, and relationship concerns and promote optimum wellness. Faculty and students are committed to social justice advocacy to remove barriers to education and personal growth, and promote equity and optimal development for all persons and groups. For more information about the counseling profession, please visit: http://www.njcu.edu/department/counselor-education




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