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Are you social, inquisitive or enterprising? Do you enjoy collecting and interpreting scientific data? Do you like learning about human (or animal) behavior? Do you like to listen to people? If yes, you might be suited for a major in psychology.

NJCU’s Psychology Department prepares students for numerous and varied career options. Among the possibilities: Psychology majors go on to teach, conduct research, serve as consultants, and diagnose and treat people. They work in an assortment of settings, such as schools, corporations, nonprofit organizations and government agencies.

Psychology Department faculty members create a student-centered learning environment, optimal for the exploration of psychology. Their range of expertise affords students the opportunity to truly explore the many ways psychology applies to our world.

The department’s course offerings cover the breadth of the discipline’s specialties. Our experienced faculty members are happy to guide you toward coursework based on your interests, strengths and career goals.

For undergraduates, we offer a major, minor and teaching certification program. For students pursuing graduate work, there are three tracks from which to choose.

Whether you are a traditional student just getting started on your college education, are enhancing your current career with a psychology degree, or are making a mid-life career change, you will find a supportive, diverse and welcoming setting in New Jersey City University’s Psychology Department.

Gainful employment disclosure: School Psychology Graduate Professional Diploma


Click the button below for suggested courses to follow and complete, term-by-term, to make it easier to understand how to graduate in four years within your major. Degree Maps are used to assist you and your advisor with planning your academic path to graduation. Use this guide to discuss your academic plan and course selections with your advisor.

It is important to note that each student's specific program of study could, and likely will, look different. At NJCU, our goal is to customize the Degree Map to fit your situation. Consult with your advisor for the path that is best for you. 



James Lennon (, Co-Chair
Professional Studies Building, Room 430

Maria Lynn (, Co-Chair
Professional Studies Building, Room 430


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  • MA with School Diploma
  • Professional Diploma