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A degree in political science opens doors to a wealth of opportunities. NJCU’s Political Science Department provides a foundation in the discipline and its sub-fields through rigorous coursework that stresses active learning, cultural diversity and personal responsibility.

A degree or minor in political science prepares students to understand the complex issues facing our society today. The knowledge gained through our department’s coursework helps students become better citizens of their communities and future leaders. The writing, reasoning and critical thinking skills our students acquire are critical to success in any career path, be it public service or corporate or nonprofit industries.

Our students go on to careers in education, law, government, international affairs and other related fields, or continue their study in graduate or law school. We offer degree and non-degree programs to align with a variety of interests and career goals. Our pre-law or international studies minors complement a political science major, but can also add value to other major programs of study, particularly in the social sciences.

Political Science Department faculty members have a range of research interests and specialties, and many have held prestigious positions in the public and private sectors, including elected office. They are sought-after experts in the discipline, and above all are committed to creating a dynamic learning experience for NJCU students.


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It is important to note that each student's specific program of study could, and likely will, look different. At NJCU, our goal is to customize the Degree Map to fit your situation. Consult with your advisor for the path that is best for you. 



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