Modern Languages

Modern Languages

Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Department educates students who are prepared for success in today’s global society. Our department enhances the liberal arts education of our majors and non-majors through a study of world languages and cultures.  

Among our programs are bachelor’s and master’s programs, including teaching certification, and instruction in seven languages. Many of our graduates go on to become language educators, but the possibilities for the modern languages major are numerous. Many corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals and nonprofits are eager to hire bilingual and multilingual talent. If you are majoring in health sciences or business, a modern language minor is an excellent supplement to your education.

For Spanish majors, minors and graduate students, our program is comprehensive, encompassing language and linguistics, as wells as advanced study of the literature and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

Modern Languages Department faculty members create an inclusive learning environment. They are student-focused and committed to educating the next generation of teachers and multilingual speakers.

NJCU’s diverse, urban setting is an ideal environment for studying world languages and cultures. We offer an exceptional student experience, including an international film festival, study abroad opportunities and a Spanish-language publication of our students’ creative writing. Students are also encouraged to work with the Co-Operative Education program to find an internship that aligns with their career goals.



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