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NJCU’s History Department prepares students to become critical thinkers, strong communicators and informed citizens who add significant value to their workplaces and communities. Our graduates go on to develop careers in teaching, journalism, law, public relations, advertising, business, international relations, politics, library science, criminal justice, public history, consulting and more—just a sampling of what is possible.

Are you a good candidate for becoming a history major? Ask yourself this: Do I crave a deeper understanding of the world I live in? Am I curious about how the past informs the present and the future? Do I want to learn in an environment that sparks thought-provoking discussions?  Contact us today to learn how a history degree can help you reach your personal and career goals.

Our faculty is student-centered and passionate about bringing history to life. Their specialties are as diverse as our student body, and they are sought-after experts in the discipline. They are dedicated to helping students learn, grow and succeed.

We offer coursework that aligns with a broad range of interests. Students can gain a solid foundation in American history and even New Jersey history, as well as a global view through African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern and Western European, Caribbean, and Latin American history. We also offer coursework in topics like sports, elections, cities, punishment, the military and more.


Rosemary Fox Thurston, Chair

Kartnoutsos Arts & Sciences Hall, Room 505

Email: rthurston2@njcu.edu

Tel: 201- 200-2166


Patricia Catrillo, Administrative Assistant

Kartnoutsos Arts & Sciences Hall, Room 505

Email: pcatrillo@njcu.edu

Tel: 201- 200-3251


Rosemary Fox Thurston, Associate Professor, Chair
Email: rthurston2@njcu.edu

Jose Morales, Associate Professor
Email: jmorales@njcu.edu

Jason D. Martinek, Assistant Professor
Email: jmartinek@njcu.edu

Rosamond Hooper-Hamersley, Assistant Professor
Email: rhooper@njcu.edu

Timothy White, Assistant Professor
Email: twhite1@njcu.edu

John Bragg, Assistant Professor
Email: jbragg@njcu.edu



George Benton
Email: gbenton@njcu.edu

Scott Boguchwal 
Email: sboguchwal@njcu.edu

Vincent D’Onofrio
Email: vdonofrio@njcu.edu

Arika Easley 
Email: arikaeasley@gmail.com

Sharona Fredrick
Email: estshar@hotmail.com

Jimin Kim
Email: jkim4@njcu.edu

Robert Loboda
Email: rloboda@njcu.edu

Girard Malloy
Email: gmalloy@njcu.edu

Nina McCune
Email: gogolosuperhero@hotmail.com

George Tselos
Email: GeorgeDTselos@gmail.com

Christina Ziegler-McPherson
Email: chris@maczieg.com