African & African American Studies

African & African American Studies

African American Studies 

An interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary study of the cultures and peoples of Africa and African descent in the Americas.

  • The academic program offers a minor which explore the historical, social, political, and economic experiences of Africans and African Americans.
  • The objective of the program is to develop committed and well trained teachers, scholars, and professionals.
  • The program is recommended for all Liberal Arts majors (Political Science, Sociology, History, English, Economics, et al), and the Professions of Education, Criminal Justice, Law, Business, and Health Sciences.
  • All students interested in enhancing their ability to work effectively in urban areas will find this minor program a valuable and enriching experience.
  • All students interested in developing a global understanding of today's world will find the courses valuable in developing an important body of knowledge.



Antoinette Ellis-Williams, Chair 

Karnoutsos Hall, Room 505


Tel: 201-200-3524  


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