Student Success

Student Success


At NJCU, we are fully committed to the academic and personal successes of our students. Investing in student success—making sure our students have the tools they need to graduate prepared for the challenges that lie ahead—is a top institutional priority.

To that end, NJCU recently approved a plan that will make significant improvements to the student experience, leading to increased retention and graduation rates—and better preparing students for life after college.

Improvements to the student academic experience will include:

  • Restructured student advising services that will utilize cutting-edge new advising technologies, while increasing the number of professional advisors on campus

  • Establishment of living-learning communities, such as a Summer Bridge Student Success Program to ease the transition for incoming first-year students, a Freshman Student Success Academy to enhance the transition experience for first-year students, and a Sophomore Student Success Institute to strengthen the comprehensive institutional approach to second-year student success

  • Creation of meta-majors—groups of academic programs with common or related content or curricula through which clusters of courses will be designed. Meta-majors already identified include Arts; Business; Education; Health Sciences; Humanities; Public Safety and Security; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM); and Social Sciences.

When these and other features are successfully implemented, NJCU students will be better poised for success as we improve the student achievement gap, help decrease the amount of time to earned degree, enhance affordability, and increase the number of students in good standing with federal and state financial aid requirements.

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