NJCU Alumni

NJCU Alumni


The University’s more than 40,000 proud graduates around the world represent the rich and diverse history of our storied institution. Whether you are a graduate of New Jersey City University, Jersey City State College, New Jersey State Teachers College, or New Jersey State Normal School at Jersey City, Gothic alumni live the motto, “Enter to Learn; Exit to Serve.”

The Office of Alumni Relations serves as your connection to the University, with a host of services, programs, and publications especially for alumni—plus opportunities to return to campus to share your expertise in classes, public forums, and career-networking events for students. Your career and personal achievements provide ongoing inspiration for our students and the entire NJCU community.

Alumni are also welcomed back to enjoy NJCU educational, athletic, arts, and social events, as well as utilizing the Children’s Learning Center, career counseling, and the library and fitness center.

Volunteer opportunities at NJCU are a wonderful way to stay connected and pass along your personal gifts to current students. Alumni assist in planning and executing events such as networking activities and reunions, and they play an important role in student recruitment. As a graduate, you may wish to return to campus for concerts and programs, career counseling, and continuing education classes, or to visit the library or fitness center.

Your involvement with NJCU will continue to enrich your life and the life of the students currently working their way toward becoming a Gothic graduate.

Please feel welcome to share your comments, questions, and updates by contacting Jane McClellan, Executive Director of Alumni Relations by email or by calling 201-200-3250.

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