All fees listed below are mandatory fees at the University and are used to support services for all NJCU students.

Student Center Fee:

Students pay a student center fee to support the Gilligan Student Union Building programs, operations and maintenance.

Student Activity Fee:

This fee is collected by the University and is used to support the Student Government Organization, clubs and entertainment events throughout the school year. A portion of this fee is also used to support the athletic programs at the University.

Technology Fee:

This fee supports the computing infrastructure throughout the University including maintaining and updating the labs, student computer accounts and internet/networking connections including wireless connections.

General Service Fee:

This fee supports University programming and a range of other student services including student I.D cards and shuttle services to and from the parking lots.

One-Time Transcript Fee:

This is a one-time MANDATORY fee charged to all new NJCU students which allows a student to receive 10 copies of their transcript in an academic year. (Allowing 3-4 business days for processing - Regular Service)

Orientation Fee:

This is a one-time MANDATORY fee charged to all new NJCU students and is associated with the production of materials and coordination of undergraduate and transfer student orientations.

Facilities Fees:

This fee is used to support the acquisition of capital Assets, including new buildings and infrastructure, as well as the improvement, repair and renovation of existing University buildings and grounds.

PLEASE NOTE: The above mentioned fees are based on a per credit basis when you are registered part-time. Students that are registered full-time are charged a flat rate based on 12 or more credits.


Additional Fees


 Fee Description Fee Amount
Undergraduate Application Fee -Paper $50.00
Undergraduate Application Fee -Online $25.00

Undergraduate Admission Deposit

Accelerated Nursing Degree Program Admission Deposit $500.00
Graduate Application Fee $55.00
Late Registration Fee $75.00
Returned Check $40.00
Late Payment Fee $75.00
Orientation $50.00
One-time Transcript Fee                                 $25.00
Graduation Clearance Fee $75.00
Laboratory Fees Determined by Course
Student Teaching Fee (Senior Field Internship) $150.00
Student Teaching Fee (Junior Practicum) $65.00
School Nursing Internship $150.00
Parking Fee - Lot #3 $4.00 
Parking Fee (Flat Fee Students) Per Summer Semester $70.00
Parking Fee (Flat Fee Residents/Dorm Students) Per Summer Semester $85.00
Parking Fee (Flat Fee Students) Per Semester $140.00
Parking Fee (Flat Fee Residents/Dorm Students) Per Semester $175.00
Garage Parking Rate Pre-Paid on Card $8.00
Saturday Parking Fee No charge
Cash Parking Fee $10.00
Payment Plan Fee $37.00
Transcript - Same Day Service $10.00
Gothic Card/ Student Identification Card (Original) No Charge
Gothic Card/ Identification Card (Replacement) $25.00
Duplicate Diploma Fee $25.00
Readmission Fee $50.00
Study Abroad Fee                                                                                             $150.00


A. Harry Moore School Tuition

Annual In-District $46,980.40
Annual Out of District $59,634.90


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