Book Voucher

Book Voucher

Gothic Card Transfer Terms and Conditions  

  1. Student should have a current NJCU Gothic Card and be registered Full-Time for the current semester.  
  2. NJCU will apply any Financial Aid received from Financial aid (State/Federal/Scholarships), except loans towards charges that may be assessed to students’ account.  
  3. Student understands that any changes in the course schedule or financial aid package could result in a balance due to NJCU payable immediately. Failure to pay the balance will prevent the student from registering for future semesters, release of transcript, collection costs, etc.  
  4. Student understands that after tuition and fees are accounted for, if the financial aid grant are sufficient, the student may use the remaining monies to apply for a book voucher. 
  5. Student will receive a book voucher only if the student has completed financial aid paperwork and only if the student has received official award letter from the Financial Aid office.  Student's financial aid award must be posted in their account. Incomplete paperwork will not be accepted. 
  6. The book voucher is not additional financial aid. The students account will be charged in the amount of the book voucher, which will in turn reduce the amount of any financial aid refund that the student may receive for the semester.  
  7. If the student does not use the full credit line at the Bookstore, he or she may use the remaining funds to purchase food at Cafeteria, vending machines or other locations where the Gothic Card is accepted.  
  8. A refund for any unused monies will only be authorized if the student either withdraws, graduates or is dismissed from the University. See the University standard refund policy.  
  9. If the student satisfies condition #8, then he or she may request a refund for any unused monies remaining on the Gothic Card. This could be accomplished at the Gothic Card office by filling out the Request for Refund Form which must have student’s signature to process.  
  10. All refunds must obtain final approval from the Bursar’s Office. 
  11. If the request is approved the refund will be mailed within 14 business days.

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