Academic Career Planning & Placement

Academic Career Planning & Placement

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The Career Center provides comprehensive services and resources to assist with researching careers, finding job opportunities, preparing for graduate school, improving resume writing and interviewing skills, and landing appropriate internships for career advancement. We have the information and links that will help you with your job search and career development needs.

Dr. Jennifer Jones, Director
Academic Career Planning & Placement


  • Directing utilization of the Career Library to research careers, graduate schools, employers, employment opportunities, cooperative education internships.
  • Directing students to career publications listing jobs and providing career job-search information.
  • Providing individualized career counseling to discuss the choice of a major for careers of interest, planning a job search, researching career information, selecting a graduate program of study.
  • Administering vocational testing to evaluate interests.
  • Conducting workshops regarding selection of majors for careers of interest, applying to graduate school, writing resumes, learning interview skills.
  • Advising non-declared students regarding appropriate majors for career interests.


  • Cooperative Education Internships for declared majors.
  • Part-Time job opportunities.
  • Campus recruitment program.
  • Graduate placement referral for senior students and alumni.
  • Credentials service for senior students and alumni to forward resumes and references upon request.
  • Internet jobs service through College Central and PlacePro.
  • Career Fairs

Whether you are exploring multiple majors or searching for information about your chosen field, this site will help you connect majors to careers. 

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Cooperative Education Services
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Graduating Senior Services
Mike Moriarty ( Associate Director, x2191

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